About Us

Hey! What up!?

First of all...


Happy to be your distraction for the moment. :)

This is Daniel from the MM6K team. Let me give you a peek behind curtain and tell you little about who we are.
If you ever got a group of friends together-- the kind that always head to the movies to watch that latest sci-fi/monster/Superhero flick... the kind of friends that meet up on weekends to play that one board game for hours on end-- that’s us.

We’re just your average friendly neighborhood homies: Rolando, Joshua, Pavel and Daniel (myself) that love virtually everything on the spectrum of comics, video games, anime, and movies...

To put it frank, what we're trying to do here at MM6K is bring you high quality apparel and accessories that make your balls tingle. LOL!

No seriously... we mean it.

We strive to partner with the best graphic designers we can find and in doing so create artwork and content that you can resonate with. Every now and then, we might try to hit you with something a little deep to encourage you to love life while you still have it.

So, thank you for taking the time and reading this... for making our venture possible. If there's no you, there's no MM6K.
So, we want you to know that we encourage feedback!

Reach out to us by clicking here if you feel like it.

Looking forward to hearing from you. :)

God bless.